Meet the Cast: Roger! "Enjoys getting his bum out an unhealthy amount"

Today we meet the rest of the T-Birds - firstly, Roger, played by Neil Brown.

Name: Neil Brown

Character Name: Roger

Tell us a bit about Roger: Bit of a joke, definitely one of the goofier t birds. Enjoys getting his bum out an unhealthy amount

What’s you Favourite song in the show & Why?: I do like a bit of hand jive, probably because the dance is close enough to the macarena so is in my ability range

What other shows have you done?: Little Shop of Horrors twice, Not Another Pantomime, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Road, Seven brides for Seven brothers

Best or Worst Moment on Stage: In Little Shop of Horrors when I played Seymour, the last night I dived into the plant with much gusto and in the process got my foot caught in Audrey 2s throat. It took two stage hands yanking me out from between the puppeteers legs… Like an episode of one born every minute…

Interesting Grease Fact #10: Henry “The Fonz” Winkler was originally offered the role of Danny. He turned it down for “fear of typecasting.”