Meet the Cast: Jan! "She is a sweet, slightly dense, unladylike food fanatic"

The beautiful and talented Megan Swaisland is playing food fanatic, Jan!

Name: Megan Swaisland

Character name: Jan

Tell us a bit about Jan: She is a sweet, slightly dense, unladylike food fanatic. She’s not quite as gossipy or glamorous as the other girls, but she has a heart of gold and is a perfect member of the pink ladies.

What’s your Favourite song in the show & Why? : ‘We Go Together’ because it is an opportunity to completely let go and party out way through the song!

What other shows have you done?: Parade, Whistle Down the Wind, Cinderella, The Producers, A Christmas Carol & Guys and Dolls.

Best or Worst moment on stage: I was kneeling on the floor doing a dramatic monologue in pantomime and whilst standing back up I ripped my dress and didn’t realise. I did the rest of the scene with my underwear on full show.. How embarrassing!

Interesting Grease Fact #9: Rydell High is a reference to teen idol Bobby Rydell who had a million selling hit with “Swingin’ School” in 1960.