'She's beautiful (the script says that, not me)...'

An interview with Nicole Rose playing Florinda

How many shows have you done with Simply Theatre?

I’ve been involved in all of Simply Theatre’s productions either acting or producing or sometimes both! I started the group back in 2005 and it’s gone through many changes to get where it is now. We’ve been “Simply Theatre” officially since 2010 and the group is great. I normally like to be in the shows and have had some great roles. The only one I’ve not acted in is “Spring Awakening” but I was Producer.

Tell me a bit about your character

I play Florinda – one of Cinderella’s Step-Sisters. She’s beautiful (the script says that, not me) but not a very nice person. She likes to make Cinderella’s life difficult and pick on her as much as possible. She has a sidekick & Sister called Lucinda who also likes to taunt Cinders but actually I don’t think Florinda and Lucinda particularly like each other that much either! They do, however, have excellent hair!

Did you know much about ITW before you auditioned?

Yes, I absolutely LOVE the show! This is the second production I have been in, the first time I played Jack’s Mum and even made it on to the front cover of the Amateur Stage Magazine!! I first saw it with Bernadette Peters playing the role of The Witch and was absolutely mesmerised and thought I HAVE TO DO THIS SHOW!! I’m so excited to be doing it again.

What’s your favourite part of the show/song?

There are so many great parts to it but any scene involving The Princes – they are hilarious! Craig & Jon are so good at playing them that I think they’re going to steal the show.

What’s been the best/worst show you’ve been in or best/worst part you’ve played?

Best Musical & Part – Gloria in Return to the Forbidden Planet

Best Play & Part – Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire

Worst Play & Part – The back end of a camel in Pantomime!

Describe ITW in 3 words

Funny, Woodsy & Singy!

If you were trying to sell the show, what would you say?

I don’t need to sell it – just come and see it or I’ll kill you!! (Is that too much)