Meet the Crew of Rent: Nicole Connell

Rent runs from Thursday 17th September until Saturday 19th at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre - book seats at our box office.

This year she's behind the scenes.

"...Each show is better than the last..."

Name: Nicole Connell

Your Role: Co-Owner, Box Office & Props

Nicole, in a rare moment of contemplation  (Photo courtesy of  Front of House Photography )

Nicole, in a rare moment of contemplation (Photo courtesy of Front of House Photography)

And for the uninitiated that involves? I look after all of the financial stuff, to make sure we're not overspending. For this show I am also Box Office, so that means nagging cast to sell tickets and running the selling of tickets to the general public. Props will come into play the week of the show where I'll be in charge of making sure the cast take the correct props on at the right time!

What from the rest of life helps you in your role? I'm mega organised and enthusiastic - both qualities that are a MUST when you run an am dram group.

What’s your part of this show are you most looking forward to? I love show week - seeing it all come together and how the audience react to it. It's the first time for a long time I'm not in the show, so I'm sad about that but still love being part of it!

What other shows have you done? Hot Mikado, Return to the Forbidden Planet (THE best show ever), Little Shop of Horrors, A Streetcar Named Desire, Grease, Into the Woods, The Vicar of's probably easier to ask what I haven't done!

Can you recall a particularly memorable stage event that you contributed to? There are many, however, they all entail me being drunk, hungover or ill on-stage, so I try to forget them.

Can you remember the first time you thought “I want to get involved in theatre”? Age 5, school play - I was hooked!! At the bows I was escorted from the stage as I kept going.

What are you enjoying most about being part of Simply Theatre? How each show is better than the last, how we push boundaries and work "outside the box".

What else to you get up to when you’re not working in theatre? Not a lot else.....I am publicity officer for the Woking Drama Association and also run a Murder Mystery troupe with a group of am dram is pretty much my life!

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