Meet the Crew of Rent: Tim Bracher

Rent runs from Thursday 17th September until Saturday 19th at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking - go to our box office to book seats

It just can't happen without the skills of the unsung heroes... 

"The shows are “West End” quality and it’s great fun"

Name: Tim Bracher aka 'Shaky T'

Your Role:    Stage Manager / Set Builder

Tim -  we keep him out of sight of the audience

Tim -  we keep him out of sight of the audience

And for the uninitiated that involves? I take over the running of the play from 'get in'.

What from the rest of life helps you in your role? Being laid back and not getting stressed when things don’t quite go as planned.

What’s your part of this show are you most looking forward to? Creating a simple stage world for the production.

What other shows have you done? 'Grease', 'Return to the Forbidden Planet' (my fave), 'Streetcar Named Desire'.

Can you recall a particularly memorable stage event that you contributed to? The airlock doors in 'Return to the Forbidden Planet' getting stuck

Can you remember the first time you thought “I want to get involved in theatre”? No, but I volunteered to be crew which ended up being an on-stage role!

What are you enjoying most about being part of Simply Theatre? It’s friendly, the shows are “West End” quality and it’s great fun.

What else to you get up to when you’re not working in theatre? I’m a Health product distributor, magician, motorcycle instructor, scuba instructor, engineer, software salesman, networker.

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