Student Discount on Tickets!


Students love a discount. Not just because money is short but also because of the pure thrill of obtaining a bargain. Don’t try and tell me otherwise, I was a student once - I remember.

Today is your lucky day! Well actually it’s your lucky 9 days… but that doesn’t have as much impact. We are selling discounted tickets to Spring Awakening for the performance on THURSDAY 2nd of May. That’s right, students can get their tickets for £10 only.

That’s £10! There’s not a lot you can buy for £10 anymore. Gone are the days when £10 would get me half a tank of petrol, or a meal at a restaurant. I can’t even get tickets to the cinema for much less then that anymore. But here we are, offering you a full night of entertainment for just £10! I think you’d be crazy to miss it. But that’s just me, if you think differently let us know how we can change your mind? Hurry though, you can only get this offer until April 1st.

Get them now…