Meet the Cast: Teen Angel! "My tail caught on fire mid-song"

Meet our gorgeous Teen Angel, played by David Oliver!

Name: David Oliver

Character Name: Teen Angel,

Tell us a bit about them: Teen Angel is both the fantasy and conscience of Frenchy, with a killer fashion sense to boot.

What’s your favourite song in the show?: Grease Lightning

What other shows have you done?: Return to the Forbidden Planet, Spring Awakening, Into the Woods & Little Shop of Horrors.

Best or Worst moment on stage: Being dressed as a lion, and having my tail catch fire on stage mid-song!!!!

Interesting Grease Fact #19: Elvis was offered the role of “Teen Angel” but a clash of dates meant he couldn’t do it. Ironically, the day filming started Elvis died, which was why the lyrics in “Sandradee” included “Elvis, Elvis let me be……”