Meet the Cast: Sandy! "There's definitely a feistier side to Sandy"

Today we meet leading lady, Sandy, played by Catherine Willoughby!

Name: Catherine Willoughby

Character Name: Sandy

Tell us a bit about Sandy: Danny’s love interest. “Sweet, naive, wholesome and cute”. There are many different aspects to her personality, she appears vulnerable but underneath it all there’s definitely a feistier side!

Favourite song in the show and Why?: We Go Together… try and listen to that song without smiling! Also the sandra dee reprise. Beautiful song and complete turning point for Sandy’s character.

What other shows have you done?: Sweet Charity, Oliver, Wizard of Oz, Little Shop of Horrors, Parade.

Best or Worst moment on stage: 1. Being genuinely emotional and moved by the court room testimony’s in Parade. 2. Jon Bingham’s flag snapping mid song.

Interesting Grease Fact #6: “Hopelessly Devoted to You” was written and recorded after the movie had wrapped. The producers felt they needed a strong ballad and had Olivia Newton-John come back to film her singing this song. This song ended up receiving an Academy Award nomination.