Meet the Cast: Amanda Vaughan

Stand by your beds - today we meet the Head Teacher of Rydell High, Miss Lynch, played by Amanda Vaughan!

"I've been acting since before the rest of the cast were born"

Name: Amanda Vaughan

Character Name: Miss lynch

Tell us a bit about Miss Lynch: She is the High School Principal of Rydell High, she rules her pupils with a rod of iron but secretly is very fond of them.

What’s your favourite song in the show and why?: It has to be the Hand Jive, obviously, because I’m so good at it and it doesn’t actually involve me singing.

What other shows have you been in?: As I’ve been acting since before the rest of the cast were born, too numerous parts to mention but I do love a bit of panto and directing too.

Best or Worst moment on stage: Invariably it always involves costume malfunctions!!!!

Interesting Grease Fact #21: The final musical scene, “You’re the One That I Want” was filmed with the help of a travelling carnival. However, director Randal Kleiser decided the next day that additional scenes were needed for close-ups. Unfortunately the carnival had left town, so set decorators were called in to build replica backgrounds that matched the carnival ride’s construction for the close-ups.