Meet the Cast: Frenchy! "She's optimistic, a dreamer and the sweetheart of the pink ladies"

Today we meet the lovely Elly Fenton who is playing cutesy (and very pink!) Pink Lady, Frenchy!

Name: Elly Fenton

Character Name: Frenchy

Tell us a bit about Frenchy: She’s optimistic, a dreamer and the sweetheart of the pink ladies. Her life goal is to become a beautician and attend beauty school. However, after dropping out of high school to go there she soon realises that beauty school wasn’t as good as she’d fantasised.

What’s your favourite song and Why?: For me it’s got to be Beauty School Drop Out because Teen Angel completely shines a bad light on her decision to go to beauty school and I just find it hilarious!

What other shows have you done?: Grease (played the character Marty), Hairspray and A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Best and Worst moment on stage: Too many good moments to pick a best one but my worst was probably when I did Grease before and all the Pink Ladies and T-Birds were on the bleachers listening to Vince Fontaine on the radio (which was sat next to me), and the radio fell and smashed into pieces! So we ended up listening to a radio broadcast without a radio.. eeek!

Interesting Grease Fact #12: Didi Conn who platyed Frenchy in the film, was the only member of the Pink Ladies to appear in the sequel “Grease 2”