Meet the Cast: Eugene! "I think he's secretly everyone's favourite character"

Meet the Geekiest Character in Grease - Eugene played by Daniel Owen!

Name: Daniel Owen

Character Name: Eugene

Tell us a bit about Eugene: I think he is one of everyone’s secret favourite characters. The stereo-typical geek, he epitomises everything that the Greasers are not. Ever enthusiastic, Eugene is a real personality.

Whats your favourite song in the show & why?: Shaking at the high school hop- I think this is my new favourite because I hadn’t heard it before signing up for the stage show (as it isn’t in the movie), and it sounds like it something that Little Richard might write.

What other shows have you done: Les Miserables (as Javert), Anything Goes (as the captain), Wild Wild Women (as Robert McClaired), Dracular Spectacular (as Ghengis) and many others.

Best or Worst Moment on Stage: One of my most memorable was in ‘Anything Goes’, I was doing a scene where as Captain I was walking into a cabin to talk to someone. There were 3 of them on the bed- and of course, the bed broke, much to the delight of the audience. It was made even more comical by the fact that one of them was meant to be hiding under the bedsheets, and we had to ad-lib around the bed breaking because it was to big to ignore! Good times.

Interesting Grease Fact #16: Eddie Deezen who played Eugene in the film used to get a lift to the set everyday with best friend Dennis C Stewart, who played the leader of the Scorpions, better known as Crater Face!