Meet the Cast: Danny! "It's nice to finally have a reason to sing Summer Nights"

Let’s start with the main man, Danny Zuko, who is being played by John Sherringham!


Name: John Sherringham

Character Name: Danny Zuko

Tell us a bit about Danny: Smooth talking, heart throb. All the girls want to be with me and all the guys want to be me!

Favourite song in the show & Why?: Summer Nights! After singing it so many times at Discos and parties it’s finally nice to have a real reason to sing it!

What other shows have you done?: Pride and Prejudice, Streetcar Named Desire, Little shop of Horrors, Return to the Forbidden Planet, The Crucible, Beauty and the Beast. Amongst a few!

Best or Worst Moment on Stage: Best moment was getting to smash all those plates during streetcar! Although getting bits of chicken in random places over the stage was one down side!

Interesting “Grease” fact #1: Danny wasn’t supposed to sing Greased Lightning in the film. It was always sung by Kenicke in the stage show but John Travolta demanded he sing it!!