Meet the Cast: Co-Director - Marie Gardner! "I'm not a real Police Officer either"

Introducing Grease’s lovely Co-Director Marie Gardner 

Name: Marie Gardner

Who am I? Co-Director of GREASE

Since you’re not in it, tell us a bit about GREASE : Well we all know the movie, we all know the songs and we’ve all sung Summer Night’s or Greased Lightning with gusto at the end of a night out at some stage in our lives…

Favourite song in the show and Why?: They are ALL brilliant…. And I just can’t help smiling when hearing the fabulous Simply Theatre cast bring them all to life.

What other shows have you done?: I’ve performed and directed a number of shows in Guildford for Pranksters Theatre Company. Directing credits include “One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Brassed Off” and the recent award winning “PARTY ” at Leatherhead Drama festival. Acting credits range from most recently The Jewish Wife in Bertolt Brecht’s, Fear and. Misery of the Third Reich” at the Electric Theatre ,Lady Macduff in Macbeth in Guildford Castle, Samedi in “The Infant” at Leatherhead and Woking Drama festivals to the delightfully funny roles of Hamlet and Richard III in ” The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged” at The Star Inn, Guildford.

Best/Worst Stage Moment: The cast and crew of Brassed Off receiving a standing ovation for their performance on the final night was the best. Not the worst but the funniest stage moment was when playing “Chief Constable Prince” in “Romeo and Juliet” on Guildford High Street, having to explain to passers by that “no the fight on the high street wasn’t real and no I’m not a real police officer either”.

Interesting Grease Fact #4: When Rizzo (Stockard Channing) sang “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee,” they added the line about Elvis Presley as this scene was shot on the day he died. The lyrics are different in the stage show version!