Meet the Cast: Chorus member - Sophie Blomfield "The bows are the worst bit cos then it's all over"

She’s a woman of few words but what she lacks in vocab, she more than makes up for with her beautiful personality and amazing dancing! Meet Sophie Blomfield.

Name: Sophie Blomfield

Character Name: Lucy Groves

Tell us a bit about Lucy: Happy go lucky, fun loving, can talk a lot!

What’s your favourite song in the show and why?: It has to be “Beauty school drop out” I love that part in the movie.

What other shows have you done?: The Twits, Guys and Dolls, Fame, Oliver, The Wiz and loads more I can’t remember.

Best or Worst Moment on Stage: The best bit, no matter what the show is just singing and dancing. The Worst bit, without a doubt - the  bows as then you know it’s time to say good bye :(

Interesting Grease Fact #15: The twenty various background dancers seen in the movie all had character names, among them Sauce, Bart, Bubba, Midge and Moose.