Meet the Cast: Chorus Member Adam Lees! "This is my FIRST show"

We’ve had a hiatus….mainly because the cast are rubbish at getting their character interviews over to me, but we’re back and today we meet Chorus and Greaser, Adam Lees!


Name: Adam Character

Character Name: Trent

Tell us a bit about them: He is the quarterback of the high school team so is popular within the Jock group, but only because he is quarterback as he is an arrogant pig and thinks he can do what he wants (especially with girls) but the other Jocks cater to his whims as it is ‘cool’ to be seen with him.

What’s your favourite song in the show & why?: My favourite song is probably ‘We go together’ as I like the upbeat tempo and the ridiculous scramble of words.

What other shows have you done?: None, this is my first

Best or Worst Moment on Stage: I went to an AmDram Panto of Alice in Wonderland last year and shouted something at the Queen of Hearts during the audience participation song and she made me get on stage and do the dance moves with her. That was good fun.

Interesting Grease Fact #18: The film had a product placement plan with Coca-Cola but it fell through at the last minute. As a result, the Coke products in the shots were either digitally removed or blurred out.