Meet: Polly King

An interview with Polly King playing the Baker’s Wife

How many shows have you done with Simply Theatre?

One.  Choreography for Spring Awakening 2013.

Tell me about your character

The non-fairytale character of The Bakers Wife has a fascinating journey through the woods - wanting and wishing, finding and frolicking.  On the surface she is content with her life, all that is missing is a child.  Her ambition for more lets nothing stand in her way, however her contented life is turned upside down by the excitement and dangers of the wood.  Her adventures do not go unpunished proving that your wishes are not always answered with a happy ending.

Did you know much about Into the Woods before you auditioned?

I knew the show having choreographed a production in 2005, but one of the things I love about this show is you keep finding new meaning to the dialogue and the very clever lyrics.

What is your favourite part of the show/song?

I love “Your Fault”  - the lyrics are brilliant, the timing seems impossible and the musicality is very clever.  I admire our cast for being able to present this song so brilliantly!

What has been the best/worst show you’ve been in or the best/worst part you’ve played?

I have been involved with a lot of shows as either director, choreographer or performer.  Each and every show has its merits and its failings, BUT my favourite “worst” moment is from an open-air production of A Midsummer Nights Dream that I did, in the grounds of a castle in Scotland.  We were performing on a hillside above a river and across the river was an audience of 700 or so.  At the start of the show it was bright sunshine and everything was going brilliantly, until it started to rain.  The show must go on…..and so, in the pouring rain, with thunder and lighting over head we continued to perform in our Elizabethan costumes, on a hillside.  The costumes were getting heavier and heavier.  The hillside was getting wetter and wetter and eventually we started to slide down the hillside towards the rapidly flowing river.  My fairy wings got caught on a tree and pinged into the face of the fairy behind me. Titania, the queen of the fairies, fell over in the mud and “the lovers” looked more like they were taking part in a Tough-Mudder contest than “wooing each other in the wood”.

Let’s just hope our woods stay dry!

Describe Into the Woods in 3 words

  1. Keep
  2. On
  3. Wishing 

If you were trying to sell the show what would you say?

A fairytale romp through the woods - a beautiful maiden, a handsome prince, a little girl in a red cape…..a witch, a wolf and a comedy cow - what more could you wish for?