An interview with Sam Barrett

An interview with Sam Barrett aged 19, playing Georg

"I also obviously enjoy fondling my piano teacher’s breasts"

Is this your first show with Simply Theatre?
This is the first thing I’ve ever done with Simply.

Did you know the show before you auditioned?
I’d been in the show before so knew it pretty well

What attracted you to the show that made you want to audition?
I’m a sexual teenager and this is a show about sexual teenagers, what could be better! Also i think the music and the style of the show is quirky and incredible.

What is your favourite part of the show and why?
My favorite bit to perform is ‘touch me’ because i love the vocal line, i also obviously enjoy fondelling my piano teacher’s breasts because who wouldn’t  My favourite bit to watch would have to be ‘those you’ve known’ which is just an awesome trio which Hannah, Jamie and Sam sing beautifully!

Favourite show you’ve been in and part you played?
Has to have been beauty and the beast as i got to play Gaston and it was the most fun EVURRR!

What’s the most embarrassing costume you’ve had to wear?
On stage would be my Gaston costume because i had to wear leggings which were just awful (but soo comfy) and off stage would have to be my lime green Borat mankini… (yeah that doesn’t come out often :P)

Why do you think people should come to see the show?
People should see the show because its jam packed of everything good about musical theatre, an engaging plot, awesome musical numbers, brilliant acting, hilarious moments, sad moments and ofcourse this particular performance has an extremely talented cast! I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of them again on the west end in the near future!


Photo courtesy of Hannah Bracher