An interview with Laura Cox

An interview with Laura Cox aged 17 playing Anna

"hopefully we do it justice"

Is this your first show with Simply Theatre?
This isn’t my first show with Simply, I’ve been in Return to the forbidden planet and little shop of horrors.

Did you know the show before you auditioned?
I knew the show before, I’ve always really loved the music so couldn’t be more excited to sing the show!

What attracted you to the show that made you want to audition?
I was attracted to the show by the draw of doing something with Simply again as its always such an enjoyable experience.

What is your favourite part of the show and why?
As morbid as it sounds, I love the funeral, I think the musics so beautiful, and hopefully we do it justice.

Favourite show you’ve been in and part you played?
My favourite show I’ve ever done was Fame where I played Iris.

What’s the most embarrassing costume you’ve had to wear?
Most embarrassing costume was when I did a contemporary piece about infection, I played a white blood cell being attacked by the virus. It was an all in one white catsuit with veins all over it…

Why do you think people should come to see the show?
People should come see the show because the cast is so talented you really can’t miss it!


Photo courtesy of Hannah Bracher