An Interview with Ellie Devonshire

An interview with Ellie Devonshire aged 19, playing Ilse

“since seeing it I have wanted the opportunity to perform in it”

Is this your first show with Simply Theatre?
It sure is!

Did you know the show before you auditioned?

What attracted you to the show that made you want to audition?
I saw one of the final performances in the West End in 2009 and since seeing it I have wanted the opportunity to perform in it.

What is your favourite part of the show and why?
Without giving to much away, I love to watch All That’s Known (reprise) because I think the music is so cleverly written for such a sad scene. A part in which Melchior sings we only hear a drum beat as backing which is made to sound like a heartbeat of those he has loved and lost. 

Favourite show you’ve been in and part you played?
I played Joanne in Rent last September and it was the best experiences of my life, Rent is amazing.

What’s the most embarrassing costume you’ve had to wear?
Haha! Last year I played Mrs Potts at the Capitol in Horsham… I had to wear a giant polystyrene tea pot whilst pushing around a trolley with a little boy inside.

Why do you think people should come to see the show?
I guarantee it’s a musical like you will have never seen before. The music is fantastic and contrasts so much with the time period it is set… I’ve worked with some very talented performers in this show and and we’ve all worked very hard to make it as amazing as it’s going to be.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Bracher