RENT - Meet the Director

Alison Hough who is directing our next show RENT in 2015, has been directing choreographing and acting in Hampshire and Surrey for over 25 years. She has directed most of the Simply Theatre shows starting with our first Hot Mikado in 2008. She always tries to put on personal interpretations in an inventive and innovative style with lots of technical creativity, visually stunning and artistically believable. She is known for her clear vision and attention to detail and making the production and rehearsal process both challenging and fun.

When not directing she's been known to be on stage on odd occasions, as well as stage manage, wardrobe or even controlling projections as part of the technical team, so is well versed in all aspects of production.  Equally experienced in directing both musicals and plays, comedy and more serious drama, she's tackled everything from Return to the Forbidden Planet and Abigail's Party through to A Streetcar Named Desire and most recently Into The Woods. She's really excited to be directing RENT and looking forward to welcoming old and new faces alike into the cast and crew.